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Shanghai Yiying Crane Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, which specializing in designing and manufacturing of manual chain hoist, lever hoist, electric hoists ,forklift and other lifting products. The company has been exported to almost 150 countries and regions, including EUROPE, USA, AUSTRALIA and SOUTHEAST ASIA, etc. View More
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    What is the power of the CD1 type wire rope electric hoist? Electric motor power, different electric hoist electric motor is not necessarily the same, the same 10t electric hoist motor can also be 13KW or 7.5KW, customers can according to their own needs to choose different power of electric hoist.
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    Storage method of hand hoist When hand hoist is purchased, or if it is not used for a long time, it should be stored in storage. Before entering the warehouse, it is necessary to have a thorough and careful examination. What problems should be noted in the storage of hand hoist below?
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    How to guarantee the efficiency of electric hoist In order to reciprocate users with superb technology, high-quality products and fine performance-cost ratio, we bring in technical management system. Strictly according to this standard from developing to producing, making checks at all level, writing down and examines the intact test data by advanced experimental means, designing the high-quality products, offering complete technological consultation and technology service for users. Draw in the advanced technology and experience of managing from the western countries, regarding user as the centre, the market a direction, open up the new field of the derrick goods market. Develop ourselves into leadings enterprise in the lifting technique field.
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