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What is the power of the CD1 type wire rope electric hoist?

Electric motor power, different electric hoist electric motor is not necessarily the same, the same 10t electric hoist motor can also be 13KW or 7.5KW, customers can according to their own needs to choose different power of electric hoist.
In general, the power is about 2 times that of the tonnage. CD type wire rope electric hoist relative tonnage and motor power, such as 0.5T=1kw, 1T=1.5KW, 2T=3KW, 3T=4.5KW, 5T=7.5KW, 10T=13KW.
The wire rope electric hoist has two kinds of lifting speeds, which are fast and slow. The lifting of CD1 and MD1 is more stable and accurate.
Wire rope electric hoist can be widely used to lift heavy objects or to be installed in single beam crane, straight line and curve, and can also be used in hoist double beam, hoist Longmen crane or cantilever crane. It is a commonly used lifting equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, wharfs and warehouses.
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